Introducing Leap by McKinsey

We work in a new, open way to get ideas to market faster

Building businesses is the next normal.

The world is changing faster than ever—and so is business. A new breed of tech-enabled, fast-moving organizations are cutting across traditional value pools and disrupting whole markets in the process.

Leap by McKinsey works with forward-thinking organizations to imagine, build, and scale new businesses from scratch—and grow the capabilities that enable them to do it again and again.

We are a dynamic team bringing together expertise in business, design, and technology from across McKinsey.

We create change that matters, enabling our clients to thrive in an age of disruption.

This is how we build businesses

What we bring


business builds globally over the past 5 years


experts with business-building and innovation experience


tech and data assets to implement and de-risk change


developers, architects, designers, digital marketers, data engineers, agile coaches, and data scientists

Our impact


average ROI compared with 2.5x venture-capital average


people employed on average by year-end for projects launching minimum viable products (MVPs)


forecast margin versus the legacy business


probability of scaling a Leap-enabled business versus high-potential start-ups

We’ve built and scaled transformative ​ businesses in every sector and geography.

The #1 digital bank in Indonesia. ​
Europe’s first E2E mobile insurer.
The world’s largest digital training academy.
Away to order pizza in two seconds in 30 countries.
An open-source ecosystem for the security industry.
The #2 most-downloaded app in one Nordic country. ​
An in-house start-up factory for a global energy giant.
The leading direct-to-consumer digital insurer in Brazil. ​
The fastest-growing consumer lending platform in history.
The leading international marketplace for flowers and plants.
A new way to order and deliver fresh groceries online in China.
Reimagining with aUS real estate player the way we live and work.
The largest business-building incubator in one South east Asian nation.
A pioneering home-delivery platform for prescription drugs in the United States.
And we’re just getting started.

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